Officers/Directors & Committees

Officers & Directors:


    President: Roy Druian

    Vice-Pres.: Al Lagenour

    Secretary: Suzie Pankonien

    Treasurer: John Suchyta


    Michael Conley

    Margo Fesas

    Michael Rick

    Jacquie Banks

    Pearl Jones

    Greg Racino

    Denise Schneyer

    Charlie Trentacosti


Social: Cards for LPD 

           Chairman: Jacquie Banks  Members: Juanita Sabochick

Nomination: Nominations for officers and directors.

           Chairman: Margo Fesas  Members: Michael conley, Pearl Jones, Suzie Pankonien

Hospitality: Refreshments & Gift or Certificate for General Meetings.


Fundraising: Contact Businesses to Raise Money or Donations for the LCPAAA organization.


National Night-Out: Community & LPD get-together to show community support against Crime in Lakeway.

           Chairman: Michael Conley


If you would like to be a Committee Chairman or volunteer for a committee, please contact us here.